Selling your home?

First off, CONGRATS on having the courage it takes to make this important decision. Whether you’re upgrading, downsizing, moving, or flipping, its a daunting task and having a professional in your corner is essential. The laws are confusing, the terminology is tricky, and the time it takes to style, stage, show, and ultimately negotiate the sale of your home is something I can’t WAIT to help you with.

Step one: Shoot me a call! I’m a relationship person. I believe in working with people you like, and liking the work you do. We need to see if me mesh.

Step two: Show and tell. I meet you at your property and we do a preliminary walk-through. I wouldn’t be doing you any favors if I wasn’t completely honest, so this step also involves us discussing any “issues” your property may have, and what we can do to neutralize them. YOUR goal is to sell your home. MY goal is to make YOUR goal happen!

Step three: Make it hap’n Cap’n! We agree on a selling price, put together agreements, take photos, and list that awesome property of yours!

The rest of the steps involve things like marketing, open houses, showings,  and any possible improvements that can be made in order to attract a slew of qualified, interested buyers. But we’ll cross those bridges when we get to them!

Why not start step one right now and see if we’re a fit?
Make it sell, call Danielle!  239.222.4590